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Our Services

Load Development

We can help you customize a load; bring us or send us your rifle. We will first make sure that the rifle is in proper operating condition, adjust the trigger weight if needed or specified, and if needed bed the barreled action for proper fit in the stock. 

We will then go to the range with test loads and come up with the best combination of velocity and accuracy that we can obtain from your rifle. We have a lot of experience with many different rifles and calibers. Bullet selection is usually based upon twist rate of the rifle and the customer’s request. The final load is recorded and given to the customer.


Sight In Your Rifle

We can clean and sight your rifle and have it ready for the upcoming hunting season. The rifle is dismantled, the bore cleaned to remove copper and powder fowling, and all parts get scrubbed before assembly.

We Can Do The Loading For You

Not all hunters are reloaders. Give us your fired cases and we will do it for you. We also have limited supplies of new and once fired cases that we can supply.


We Can Fit a Barrel to Your Action

We have many years of experience with many different chamberings and can recommend twist rate, length, contour, and steel types that will fit your specific need.

Precision bullets manufactured in Milton, Vermont

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