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Torre Rifle Company Bullets

Bullets for Hunting

The most important part of the hunt is the bullet that sits atop your ammunition. The TRC Ballistic Hollow Point (Bal. H.P.) is a flat base close tipped hollow point all copper bullet. The base has a small chamber to facilitate seating, and the closed tip design adds to the Ballistic Coefficient (BC) and is part of the design to control expansion. 

(see cutaway view)


Upon impact, the fragile point breaks away exposing the hollow cavity and the front section begins to fragment (about an inch or two in) and the blunt base of the bullet continues to penetrate deep, creating a wide wound channel and inflicting trauma.

(see gel test)


Bullets for Target

Our hunting bullets have been used in competition with favorable results. We now are experimenting with target only (not for hunting) bullets in .22, 6.5mm, and 7mm, and .30 caliber. They have been requested by target shooters that have used our hunting bullets and those shooters will now become our proving grounds and help us develop our match grade line of bullets. 

How We Make Our Bullets

We make our bullets using a combination of technologies. They begin as a solid copper rod that is turned on a Swiss Lathe. Additionally, swagging and pointing dies are used in this process as they are part of the controlled expansion design of our hunting bullets. Final sizing is also done in dies in a separate process.

Our Match Grade bullets are done in the same process, except for the controlled expansion feature. Match Grade bullets are not acceptable for hunting; they are made to punch holes in targets only.

Precision bullets manufactured in Milton, Vermont

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